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Medical Hair Restoration: What Causes Hair Loss in Both Men and Women


Unusual as it may be, hair loss problems in men and women is not uncommon. There are individuals out there that are experiencing this problem. Luckily there is a treatment through medical hair restoration. Hair restoration literally includes treatment of hair loss-which is determined by the usage of medications.


Androgen metabolism alteration is the cause of unusual loss of hair in both women and men. Androgen is a male hormone with a key part to perform in hair growth or hair loss regulation. The dermal papilla is the most significant hair follicle structure which is accountable for hair-development. It's the papilla, the cell which undergoes cell division and differentiates leading to new hair follicle. To obtain nutrients essential for growth of the hair follicle, the papilla is in direct connection with blood capillaries within the skin. According to research and studies, there are numerous androgen receptors present within the dermal papilla. It was also established that the androgenic receptors present in men's dermal papilla is more than the ones in females' follicle.


The metabolism of androgen entails an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase which includes using the hormone androgen(testosterone) to create the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Dihydro-testosterone is just a normal metabolite of the body that will be the main reason for loss of hair. Know more about the platelet rich plasma.


Proper diet is crucial for the hair's preservation. When Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) enters the hair follicles and dermal papilla, it stops required minerals, proteins, and vitamins from supplying nutrition required to maintain life within the hairs of these follicles. Therefore, hair follicles are produced in a slower pace. This reduces their developing period or anagen phase and-or lengthens the hair follicles resting period (telogen phase). Dihydrotestosterone causes hair follicle to reduce and get smaller and more fine. This method is called miniaturization and triggers the hair to eventually fall. Dihydrotestosterone accounts for 95 percent of the loss of hair.


Some individual women and men are genetically pre-disposed to create more Dihydro testosterone compared to normal people. Also, the DHT produces a wax kind of material around the hair-roots. It's this deposition of DHT within roots and hair follicles that will be among the main reasons for female and male pattern loss of hair. If you want to have an effective weight loss, you may follow the link.


Preventing the formation of Dihydrotestosterone at molecular level forms the foundation for that treatment of MPHL or male pattern hair loss and FPHL or female pattern hair loss in full. There are numerous of medicines that are employed for hair restoration as well as lots of natural Dihydrotestosterone blockers.